Free 3D Design Clinic – San Antonio TX (Thursday, August 23rd 2012)

MLC CAD Systems offers a free 3 hour 3D design clinic in San Antonio, TX on basic 3D design techniques, design validation, and simulation. Get hands-on and learn how 3D CAD gives you greater control of the form, fit, and function of your designs.


3D design software offers the most advanced innovations available to help engineers and designers slash design time, reduce design costs, minimize production errors and build better products.

In this free 3 hour session you will learn how to create a part, attach that part to an assembly, and create a drawing of that part. In addition you’ll also learn how to perform basic analysis and simulation to validate your design.

Registration is required to attend.


Questions? Please contact:

Sean Strande

MLC CAD Systems

800.364.1652 x1009



Event Properties


Start Time:

09:00 AM

End Time:

12:00 PM

Last Date to Register:

Thursday 8/23/12


MLC CAD Systems – San Antonio TX




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