MassChallenge 2012 – Final 26 Startups


Akrivis’ patented Z-TECT technology will allow cancer detection so early that it will be cured easier, faster and with less toxic drugs – Akrivis Technologies


Black Island Wind Turbines–Reliable for a decade in Antarctica, our 3 kW HRx turbines bring peace-of-mind for meeting critical loads. – Black Island Wind Turbines


Bounce Imaging saves lives by letting soldiers and first responders view hazardous environments remotely and at low cost – Bounce Imaging


BuysideFX solves institutional asset managers’ foreign exchange problems via smart automation. We are the FX Traders’ one API to the world. – BuysideFX



 Capital Market Exchange‘s analytic solution provides Fixed Income Portfolio Managers, Credit Analysts, and Traders new market perspecives on what factors drive current bond prices – Capital Market Exchange


Leveraging lab-on-a-chip technology & novel biomarkers, Cellanyx is developing a prognostic central lab service for prostate cancer – Cellanyx Diagonstics



We help kids achieve their full potential in sports by connecting them with private coaches. Join the movement, or just say hi – Coachup



Dynamo has developed a novel microturbine that will replace small diesel (<30kW) because it is fuel flexibility, robust, and more efficient – Dynamo Micropower




GRIT’s Leveraged Freedom Chair uses a novel drivetrain to offer people with disabilities unparalleled mobility on rough terrain. – Global Research Innovation & Technology (GRIT)




Guided Surgery Solutions provides dental implant surgeons the accuracy of computer guidance, with the ease of freehand drilling – Guided Surgery Solutions


HelmetHub corporation promotes safe cycling practices among bikeshare users.- HelmetHub Corporation


iAgree is revolutionizing the legal world by developing software to help clients resolve legal disputes in the most effective way possible. – iAgree



IntegralReach is applying large scale data analytics to fragmented media, enabling advertisers to reach customers across multiple platforms. – IntegralReach


LATech has developed an automation solution for inhalation drug testing which reduces time to market by up to 25% by biotech companies. – Lab Automate Technologies Inc


LiquiGlide is a super-slippery coating platform that will revolutionize the cosmetics and food packaging industry. – LiquiGlide




Why are people going hungry when there’s enough food? Lovin’ Spoonfuls is the bridge from abundance to need-healthy food to those who need it! – Lovin Spoonfuls Inc


Ministry of Supply is inventing the future of apparel through fabric technology, engineering, and style. –Ministry of Supply



Together we’ll solve the stress epidemic to improve health, performance, and happiness. Say hello to bandu and take a moment for yourself! – Neumitra


NTG health service gives aging people the freedom to live longer and more safely at home, and offers their loved ones peace of mind – Nordic Technology Group


NBA Math Hoops will improve math literacy among urban youth by making fun and effective educational tools that harness the power of the NBA – NBA Math Hoops



OnDeckBiotech makes outsourced biotech and pharma R&D faster, more secure, and more reliable. – OnDeckBiotech


RallyPoint does for the military what LinkedIn does for business, empowering military professionals to pursue the best career opportunities. – RallyPoint is creating tools for community powered disaster relief.! –


50 Billion is spent every year compensating injuries from workers lifting incorrectly, Strong Arm has solutions to those injuries. – Strong Arm Technologies, Inc.


Ubiqi helps people manage chronic conditions by helping them gather evidence and gain insights through mobile apps & data analytics. – Ubiqi Health


WindGap Medical makes a miniature, temperature-insensitive alternative to the EpiPen® addressing a pressing need in a growing, $1B market. – WindGap Medical            



Catch all of these high-impact startups pitch on the big stage and network with other entrepreneurs at our Awards Ceremony! 

 Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing and Social Media


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