New Release of DraftSight (V1R3) Now Available

Latest version of Dassault’ free 2D CAD software, DraftSight V1R3, focuses on performance and working with large drawings. Visit to download and read the release notes.


Dassault Systemes recently released the latest revision of its popular 2D DWG drawing and editing software.

First off the bat, DraftSight is one of the first CAD packages to officiallty support Windows 8 but only in its newly introduced 64-bit form. Users with 32-bit add-ins will need to port them to 64-bit in order to install them.

In addition to the additional addressable memory, V1R3 also uses less memory. When opening drawings, Dassualt says the latest version uses up to 30% less memory than V1R2.1.

The V1 R3release also includes a number new functions including the the Align Viewport command that lets users align viewports horizontally and vertically by selecting on entities within each view port. Objects snaps can be used for precise location.

In addition, the Revision Cloud command highlights annotations and other objects with a variety of shapes such as rectangular, elliptical and freehand. Also, DraftSight V1R3 now supports an in-place text editor and text can be exploded into editable entities using the EXPLODETEXT command.



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