Big Ass Fans Move Big Volumes of Air With Help from SolidWorks

Whether you’re trying to cool off your living room, restaurant, industrial plant or business, you’ll probably need a “big ass fan” to circulate high volumes of air and get the job done right. Big Ass Fans, a Kentucky-based manufacturer, produces high-volume, low-speed ceiling and vertical fans with a sleek design. To decorate your home, for example, Big Ass Fans offers the Haiku, a fan with a minimalist look that’s 80% more efficient than other small ceiling fans. For larger rooms and small commercial spaces, the stylish Isis may be a better fit and, despite its diameter of up to 10 feet, this fan weighs less than 100 pounds. How does Big Ass Fans create a product that can move air in spaces ranging from small rooms to large industrial spaces? The answer is simple: SolidWorks.

Big Ass Fans designed in SolidWorks

After using AutoCAD software and 2D design techniques to produce fans for industrial applications, Big Ass Fans decided to make the switch to SolidWorks to expand their business into commercial and residential markets to increase efficiency and improve development. As a result, the manufacturer cut design cycles by up to 50 percent. SolidWorks Simulation enabled Big Ass Fans to streamline production through rapid prototyping. From a design, simulation, and manufacturing perspective, the software addresses all of the company’s needs: from fabrication to making aluminum castings and plastic injection-molded parts.

Using SolidWorks, Big Ass Fans created a product that generates energy savings for an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly environment. Before cranking the heat this season, consider installing a Big Ass Fan to be comfortable in your space.

Read more about how SolidWorks and Big Ass Fans can help you do that in a case study on the SolidWorks website.


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