AdTrap – The internet is yours again

What is AdTrap?

Simply put, AdTrap is a small, zero configuration device that removes ads from your internet connection before they reach any of your home devices.  Video, music streams and mobile apps and websites, all ad free.  

One of the great things about AdTrap is that it’s browser independent and works with any of your connected WiFi devices. The possibilities are endless here; Android, Apple TV, Boxee, Google TV, tablets and phones.  AdTrap is self configuring and self updating.  You can also hookup AdTrap directly between your computer and the wall/switch (work, hotel, conference room), again zero configuration.  Just plug it in, sit back and enjoy an ad free internet experience!

Benefits of AdTrap

AdTrap…No More Ads.  Ever.

Aside from driving you crazy, internet advertisers are tracking your habits, behaviors and uniquely identifiable information.  AdTrap quickly and easily puts a stop to it.  

  • Open and very hackable (meaning you can modify it, not that it’s insecure!)
  • Automatically updates itself as advertisers change schemes
  • Blocks advertisements from music and video streams, mobile apps and web pages
  • By default, we make no compromises for ‘non intrusive ads’. Blocked
  • Works with all browsers 
  • Awesome hardware
  • Works with any internet enabled device
  • Cleaner and faster loading websites
  • Lower memory usage
  • Prevents tracking and profiling techniques used by advertisers
  • AdTrap over cell data, take AdTrap anywhere you go with iOS 6 devices! Zero ads, on the road! (At $250k stretch goal with your support)
  • Zero software to install, zero configuration!

It’s really easy

Zero configuration and no software to install.  You plug AdTrap into the wall and it sits between your router and modem acting as a hardware based ad filter.  That’s it, it just works!  

  • Connect your modem
  • Connect your router
  • Plug it in

So far we’ve

  • Formed an awesome, experienced team in Palo Alto, California
  • Secured office space for designing and shipping your AdTrap device
  • Built and tested several generations of prototypes
  • Worked a lot of nights and weekends to get the project done
  • Tested a production run of units

We are ready to manufacture!  

AdTrap has been designed and prototyped in Palo Alto, California and we plan to manufacture via a trusted partner, with operations based in Redwood City, California. We are using as many standard components as possible. These components have undergone testing for about 7 months. We are also very excited about the development of the software “the heart” of this project and a custom ABS case for our PCB. We are finalizing designs for the best price. AdTrap will also have a customizable LED light emitting a soft glow.

The software, hardware and industrial designs are done and we are already setting up for manufacturing. We’ve made it pretty far on our own. But we need you! You have to have AdTrap to truly appreciate how much better, faster and smoother the internet is without ads.


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