Are you ready to experience SolidWorks Simulation?

SolidWorks Simulation provides core simulation tools to test your designs and make the decisions to improve quality. The full integration creates a short learning curve and eliminates the redundant tasks required with traditional analysis tools. Component materials, connections, and relationships defined during design development are fully understood for simulation. Products can be tested for strength and safety, and the kinematics fully analyzed. Further, a wide variety of geometry types are supported so you can simulate the real world performance of solid, thin-walled, and structural features.


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Testing Strength of Materials with SolidWorks Simulation


SolidWorks Simulation Frequency and Vibration 


SolidWorks Simulation Design Optimization


SolidWorks Simulation Thermodynamic and Heat Transfer


SolidWorks Simulation Sub-Modeling and Incremental Meshing


SolidWorks PlasticsSimulation


SolidWorks Flow Simulation 

SolidWorks Simulation Fluid Analysis









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