Should I completely uninstall SolidWorks 2012 before installing 2013?

A clean install procedure is always reccomended, which means uninstalling the old version, deleting residual files, and doing a registry clean.

MLC CAD Systems has several public videos regarding this on mymlcservices.

Clean Installation of SolidWorks

Complete Registry Clean Out

Clean Uninstall

It is not necessary to do this, but it’s good maintenance. We do suggest that you do it and it should really only take you 10-15 minutes longer than just uninstalling and reinstalling.

For the average person, I do NOT recommend side-by-side dual installations (2011 sitting next to 2012). I also do NOT recommend upgrading major versions (i.e. upgrading from 2011 to 2012). It works mostly but when it does fail for whatever OS reason, it’s a pain to deal with.

So the short answer is yes, we DO recommend that you completly uninstall your older version of SolidWorks before installing your newer version.

By Nadia Shea – Elite Application Engineer | Austin, TX | Monday, November 26th 2012 2:03 PM


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