SolidWorks Web Team: 200+ Videos to Help Users Learn About SolidWorks and SW Simulation

SolidWorks 3D CAD Fundamentals – introduction to SolidWorks in a fun, cartoon way.

SolidWorks  Assemblies – visualize how parts fit together and simulate complex mechanisms

SolidWorks 2D Drawings – create production ready drawings for manufacturing and communication

3D Animations and Photorealistic Rendering – create powerful, images and animations

Design Analysis – Finite Element Analysis, Kinematics, Computational Fluid Dynamics,and fun with physics

CAD Library – Download millions of free part and assembly models

Design for Costing – Estimation and quoting for manufacturing costs

SolidWorks Sustainability – Life cycle assessment of the environmental impact of your designs

Sheet Metal – Create flat and formed parts and sheet metal drawings

Mold Design – Develop plastic parts for manufacturing

Weldments – Automate and document weld structures

Electrical Cable and Routing – Create the cable harness model, wire routing and wiring diagrams

Piping and Tubing – 3D design of piping, hydraulics, and other systems

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