Raytheon to develop low-cost disposable satellites via Alex Knapp of Forbes.com/technology

Last month, Raytheon announced that it is developing tiny, near-disposable satellites for use in getting battlefield surveillance quickly.

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50 Years of CAD via Evan Yares of Design World


Ivan Sutherland on MIT Lincoln Labs’ TX-2 computer.

January 1963, Ivan Sutherland, a PhD candidate at MIT, submitted his thesis, titled “Sketchpad: a man-machine graphical communication system,” describing his work in creating what is now recognized as one of the very first interactive CAD systems.

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Previous Version Interoperability (PVI) in SolidWorks 2013 via Brian McElyea of CADFanatic.com

SolidWorks Previous Version Interoperability allows a users with a previous version of SolidWorks (immediately previous, as in Service Pack 5, to be exact) to open current version SolidWorks files.

This feature packs a little more functionality than just using a neutral file format.  The mates and materials/appearances are retained in the previous version, and part features and assembly components are replaced with “Future version file” icons in the previous version; any in-context relations created in the previous version is kept intact when opened in the the current version.

In SolidWorks’ own words:

Previous Release Operability [sic] allows users of previous releases of SolidWorks to utilize and reference files created in the latest release of the software. Interoperability between Customer, Suppliers and Vendors is no longer restricted to the version of the software one contributor to the design process is using. Users eager to take advantage of latest features no longer need to wait for other contributors using a more cautious upgrade period.

Unparalleled collaboration allows users to leverage the powerful new features of the latest release, while allowing others to collaborate when using more cautious upgrade cycles.

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Enter The Made in 3D Contest! via Dassault Systèmes + Sculpteo


The contest will run from January 11, 2013 to March 3, 2013. After the contest ends, a community jury will determine a winner and two runners-up. Simply put, the number of likes on each post in the community will determine who the winner is. The grand prize winner will receive an iPad, and all three winners will receive a 3D print of their creation (if it fits Sculpteo’s requirements).

More Info: http://www.3dvia.com/madein3d/

SolidWorks Updates eDrawings App to Feature Augmented Reality via Simon Martin of SolidSmack

SolidSmack met with SolidWorks’ Director of Product Innovation Rick Chin to hear more about what inspired him in developing the AR-feature, what it means for SolidWorks users, and how it may just be the future of CAD modeling and presentation.

More Info: http://solidsmack.com/cad-design-news/solidworks-updates-edrawings-app-to-fea…

New York Fashion Week 2013 “The Future of Fashion Lies In A Marriage With Technology”

Why Emerging Technologies May Hold the Future of Fashion

Chaeyeon Song


Nicholas Thompson, editor of NewYorker.com, moderates a panel about 3D printing featuring Carine Carmy, director of marketing for Shapeways; fashion designer Kimberly Ovitz; and Markus Ferrigato, head of innovation for Swarovski Professional.


 With topics ranging from new retail technology to 3D printing, attendees from both sides of the aisle were in agreement that emerging tech provides can’t-miss opportunities for fashion.


-Laser cutters to distress t-shirts

-Clothing that reacts to sound and motion using electronics. LEDs, electroluminescent wire, microcontrollers

-Programing fully fashioned (3D) knitting machines to automatically knit lace created by the Fibonacci number sequence.

Supermodel Coco Rocha:

3D printing, laser etching and other technologies now available to designers. Fashion, of course, is the domain of physical products, but digital looks set to play a major role in its future.”

Read More: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/225848

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