Good Afternoon.

My name is Sean Strande, I will be presenting a complete look at the solutions offered and provided by MLC CAD Systems and SolidWorks software.

MLC CAD Systems mission is to provide engineering and manufacturing solutions that help our customers get better products to market faster and at less cost. This mission is achieved by working with companies to identify costly business issues and bottle necks. Then by proposing a solution consisting of best in class integrated solutions focused on eliminating these issues. We also provide an implementation methodology, comprehensive program, and ongoing customer support to ensure a rapid return on investment.

We specialize in providing best in class, fully integrated engineering and manufacturing solutions. Our comprehensive technology suite is industry proven, easily deployed, and always expanding to assist customers with every day design, manufacturing, and product lifecycle changes.

We begin with bi-directional mechanical and electrical designs, which help engineering and design teams with model definition, drawing output, and unified bill of materials. By integrating simulation techniques early in the design process, customers can quickly optimize product designs and reduce costly field failures.

Increasing revenues by responding more quickly to RFQ’s is achieved by sales and product configurators. Operational costs are decreased by automating repeatable design tasks.

Securely managing all documentation greatly reduces engineering and manufacturing mistakes by ensuring the correct version of drawings are communicated to the shop floor. Global collaboration is also managed through a products lifecycle.

Customers can improve environmental impact by exploring design alternatives and capitalize by winning additional contracts.  

SolidWorks also has completely integrated CAD and CAM solutions.

Communicating clear graphical content to assembly and installation departments ensures that products are assembled correctly. Professional documentation aids sales and marketing in increasing revenue.


Let’s take a deeper look at the products that make up our technology suite.

We start with our flagship 3D modeling tool, SolidWorks.

SolidWorks is the global share market leader in feature based 3D CAD. It’s powerful yet easy learn to use. No other CAD tool offers the power to create complex 3D parts and assembly models and production ready 2D drawings.

SolidWorks is the proven standard in Mechanical Design.

SolidWorks Electrical

Mechanical and Electrical design departments can finally come together as one by using both SolidWorks Mechanical and SolidWorks Electrical CAD. SolidWorks Electrical simplifies 2D electrical schematic creation. 3D Mechanical models and schematics are bi-directionally linked, design changes are effortless. There is also one build of materials. It can also automate wiring and cable routes.


Conducting simulation studies early in the design cycle ensures that you have the best design the first time. Our tools are easy to set up and use for both designers and engineers, not just analysts. Users can conduct quick “what if” scenarios, and perform multiple iterations simultaneously to get the optimal design.

This generates a huge cost savings in three areas, exploring for lighter or less costly materials, reducing the number of prototypes, and reducing or eliminating warranty costs as new products will yield less field failures.

Simulation Professional / Simulation Premuim

Flow Simulation (Liquid, Gas, Air) / Add-on (Electronics Cooling / HVAC)

SolidWorks Plastics

This focuses on users who make injection molded parts.

Plastics Professional – Used by designers of plastics parts used to improve product quality                                               

Plastics Premium – Used to simulate how liquid plastic flows in the injection molded process.


SolidWorks Sustainability tracks 4 ecological indicators for the product being modeled: Carbon Footprint, Total Energy Demand, Impact on Air, Impact on Water. These impacts are measured through the products lifecycle.


MLC CAD Systems offers two Rules-Based configurations packages. Automate your designs.


SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

Managing data is critical.


Sean Strande
MLC CAD Systems

800.364.1652 x1009




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