MLC CAD Systems SolidWorks Application Programming Interface (API) “How To” 26 episode, 3 hr mini-series


CADSharp’s very own SolidWorks API Master Keith Rice presents a multi part MLC Services exclusive video series designed to educate our subscribed customers about how to create and manage Macros by using the SolidWorks Application Programming Interface (API). This series will give you the tools to eliminate clicks from your workflow.

When we approached Keith to create an introductory series about the SolidWorks API, we had hoped for a 10 part series that would educate the average SolidWorks user about how to navigate and utilize the SolidWorks API Interface. You can imagine our amazement when Keith delivered nearly three times the target amount of material! As a result, we’ve decided to give you, our loyal MLC family member, two different options for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve edited this three-hour-plus series in two ways:

For those of you who would like to learn about the SolidWorks API by watching short, digestible segments at your liesure, each of the 26 episodes can be watched in sequential order by clicking below:

Episode 1 Episode 6 Episode 12 Episode 18 Episode 24
Episode 2 (Part 1) Episode 7 Episode 13 Episode 19 Episode 25
Episode 2 (Part 2) Episode 8 Episode 14 Episode 20 Episode 26
Episode 3 Episode 9 Episode 15 Episode 21
Episode 4 Episode 10 Episode 16 Episode 22
Episode 5 Episode 11 Episode 17 Episode 23

Maybe you have three hours to devote to absorbing the entire series in one sitting. For you, we’ve uploaded the entire Epic series in three hour-long segments. You can find each segment by clicking below:

API Epic Part 1

API Epic Part 2                                          

API Epic Part 3

No matter how you watch the series, you are sure to find useful information that is sure to speed up your workflow.


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