Beck’s new music-playing beer bottle inspired by Edison’s cylinder phonograph

New Zealand branch of Beck’s wanted to promote a new record label project, the company turned to design agency, Shine Limited. The designers concocted the Edison bottle, a simple glass beer bottle inscribed with music that can be played like a 19th-century phonograph cylinder. Shine’s design team came up with the idea after noticing the similarity in size and shape between a Beck’s beer bottle and an old cylinder record. After recreating the tune on a few flat prototypes, the team’s next step was to build a device that could cut those same grooves onto a glass cylinder.

Making the bottle-shaped record was a challenge in itself, but the next task was to reverse-engineer a music player for it. Essentially, the team had to reconstruct a cylinder phonograph with modern electronics and materials, which carried the added benefits of a cleaner sound and easier controls.

Check out the video below to hear the completed Edison bottle and watch how it was created.



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