The “Mouser 500 Engineering Challenge” Puts Engineers to the Test


Take on the Mouser 500 Engineering Challenge and help the Mouser / KV Racing Technology Team solve some of their most intriguing challenges.

Your ideas, concepts, and ingenuity could win you a new iPad3 and the chance to own a piece of IndyCar memorabilia – an autographed Tony Kanaan racing helmet! We will have 3 challenges, and you will have 45 days to come up with the best solution. Ten great ideas for each challenge will be chosen by our panel of experts and reviewed by the Mouser/KV Racing Technology Team.

10 Finalists per Challenge:
Get the official 2012 Mouser Racing T-shirt and your idea reviewed by the Mouser/
KV Racing Technology Team. One winner will receive an iPad3 HD 32GB Wi-Fi.

Grand prize:
The three winners (one per challenge) will be entered into a drawing to win a
Tony Kanaan autographed racing helmet.

Damper Temperature Control

Each IndyCar uses 4 dampers (shock absorbers) as part of its racing suspension. During race conditions, the dampers dissipate heat due to the rear dampers proximity to the engine and high loads. The challenge is to design a damper heating pad that can be heated or cooled to maintain and monitor an optimal operating temperature of 80˚C +/-5˚C throughout the race. This will require 2 separate heating pad systems (front & rear) with a single control unit.

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View Official Rules. 

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Read about the Engineering Technology of IndyCar


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