Austin Tech Firm Scores License From NASA To Commercialize Advanced Fiber Optic Technology

4DSP (, a technology design company with offices in Austin and the Netherlands, recently announced today it is officially launching  live industry demonstrations of licensed NASA fiber optic sensing and 3D shape rendering technology that it licensed from the giant space agency.

The company plans to introduce the new technology into several industries including aerospace, medical devices and oil and gas. The company is also betting that live Internet demonstations of the advanced fiber optic technology, which is perfect for 3D shape-rendering and strain measurments, will encourage product designers from all kinds of engineering backgrounds to figure out as-yet undiscovered product applications.

In short, faster is better, especially if it is also more accurate. Much like Moore’s Law, which predicted that chip performance, and the resulting processing speed of computers, would double every 18 months, many traditional technologies could be about to experience a quantum leap forward if 4DSP continues to promote the NASA 3-D rendering and sensing fiber optic technology.

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