ARGUS-IS: The World’s Highest Resolution Camera (1.8 gigapixels)

The ARGUS-IS (Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System) can stream up to a million terabytes of data and record 5,000 hours of HD footage per day. It can do this by the 1.8 gigapixel camera and 368 different sensors all housed in the ARGUS-IS. From more than 17,000 feet in the air, it can see an object as small as six inches, tracking people and vehicles across an entire city.


SolidWorks Hands-on Test Drive – North Houston (8/22) | MLC CAD Systems

Workstations will be available for attendees – learn how to:

  • Create a part a
  • Attach 2 parts to create an assembly
  • Create a shop drawing (BOM)
  • Perform basic analysis and run a simulation to validate your design

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Sean Strande

MLC CAD Systems

SolidWorks Software – Houston TX

(800) 364-1652 x1009



The Orsos Artificial Island: Half Luxury Yacht / Half Private Island

orsos-island-1024x640Even though the Orsos Island was designed by ship engineers, it cannot operate on its own and it will require a tugboat or cargo ship when you will need to move it. You can enjoy the privacy of your own island with everything you will need, but not be limited to only being in one location only.

The Orsos Island comes with six bedrooms that are spread out between three floors, and can accommodate as many as thirty-eight people.

SolidWorks Software “Intro to 3D CAD” | Morning Technology Event – North Houston| Thursday August 22nd

SolidWorks Software “Intro to 3D CAD” | Morning Technology Event – North Houston| Thursday August 22nd 

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SolidWorks Hands-on Demo - North Houston | Thursday 8/22

Check Out The Largest Caliber Rifle Ever Produced


A video posted to LiveLeak shows the largest caliber rifle ever made — a .905 caliber. It is one of just three produced by SSK industries in Ohio.

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