SolidWorks MyCADTools: ToleranceTable

Below is a quick 8  minute video showing the “ToleranceTable” tool in MyCadTools.

Here is the video

The Back Story: One of our SolidWorks Application Engineers was doing a demo for a company completely new to SolidWorks software, and one of the first questions was, “how does SolidWorks account for the thickness added by coatings?”. That became the perfect opportunity to show them the ToleranceTable tool in MyCADTools.

The ToleranceTable tool makes it SO EASY to add thickness to your parts in the Drawing environment, and the results are pushed back to your Part environment. More importantly, it creates a table within your drawing that shows the added dimensions, complete with added datums to the referenced dimensions.

MyCADTools is a suite of tools, utilities, and functions that is included with each subscription which installs directly within SolidWorks.

You can request a free 30-day trial subscription to by going to the link below.

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SolidWorks MyCADTools: ScaleDimension

Below is a quick 10 minute video showing the “ScaleDimension” tool in MyCadTools.

Here is the video

The Back Story: One of our SolidWorks Application Engineers did a support call for a customer, and noticed that the customer was using the wrong units on a part that he was designing. He was using metric numbers on an inch template and he thought that it was too complicated to fix it. That became the perfect opportunity to show him the ScaleDimension tool in MyCADTools.

MyCADTools is a suite of tools, utilities, and functions that is included with each subscription which installs directly within SolidWorks.

You can request a free 30-day trial subscription to by going to the link below.

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OTC 2015 & SolidWorks Software in Houston, Texas

Attend the OTC 2015 conference, and stop by the SolidWorks software booth #5606 to say hi.

Register today for a complimentary 1-Day Pass to attend OTC 2015, courtesy of MLC CAD Systems & SolidWorks Software. After completing the registration, you will receive your conference attendance badge in the mail.

The 1-Day Pass allows you to register to attend OTC 2015 free either Wednesday, May 6th or  Thursday, May 7th 2015 only.

After OTC 2015 is over, meet us at the MLC CAD SolidWorks Tech Center in Houston for 2 hours of free SolidWorks training on May 8th from 10AM – 12Noon, the Friday after OTC 2015.

Our instructor will:

  • Familiarize you with the design controls and interface of SolidWorks 2015
  • Help you design a single part in SolidWorks
  • Instruct you on how to mate that part to create an assembly
  • Walk you through creating a shop drawing with a bill of materials (BOM)

After the open house, you will have the opportunity to fire questions at our SolidWorks instructor specific to your industry.

We will have workstations set up for you to use, all you will need bring is:

  • Something to write on / to write with.
  • PDF’s of drawings if you’re interested in having us take a look
  • Questions!

When: Friday, May 8th from 10AM – 12Noon

Where: MLC CAD Systems

Houston SolidWorks Training Center

10777 NW Freeway, Suite 175, Houston, TX 77092

The Houston Offshore Technology Conference is the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection.

Check out the OTC 2015 list of exhibitors

OTC gives you access to leading-edge technical information, the industry’s largest equipment exhibition, and valuable new professional contacts. Here are some of the reasons why you should attend.

  • Quality: Technical program selected by knowledgeable and experienced professionals.
  • Value: See ground-breaking innovations and meet the leading providers of products and services in just four days.
  • Networking: More than 90,000 professionals from 120+ countries are there.
  • In the World’s Energy Capital: Combine OTC with client meetings, business proposals, and company training.
  • Always Something New: Encounter different languages being spoken, never-seen-before technologies, and C-suite speakers that you might not hear anywhere else.

SolidWorks Beginner Training Classes in Houston Texas

The SolidWorks Essentials training class teaches you how to use SolidWorks to build parametric models of parts and assemblies, and how to make drawings of those parts and assemblies.

The class is a 4-day class – students attending training will also receive the Essentials training manual.

Below are the upcoming SolidWorks Essentials training class dates in Houston, TX.

April 27th – April 30th 2015

June 15th – June 18th 2015

July 20th – July 23rd 2015

August 24th – August 27th 2015

September 28th – October 1st 2015

The SolidWorks Houston training center is located at:

10777 NW Freeway, Suite 175

Houston, TX 77095

Contact Sean Strande, the SolidWorks Account Manager in Houston, for more information or for a quote for the cost to attend training:

Office: (713) 401-9651 | @Sean_Strande

Easy-KERS for Long Board-s

Cool blog post on energy recuperation for long boards

My little design corner

Hello everybody,

This is my last idea, a simple recuperation energy system, adaptable for almost all longboards, let me show it to you.

render fnal


The idea is simple, when you are surfing with your longboard and you want brake, or maybe if are running down a slope and you want brake, or whenever you want reduce the longboard speed, you can use this system Easy-KERS for keep the energy, and recover it when you need it.

What is KERS?

KERS means Kinetic Energy Recovery System, it’s a mechanism for reduce the speed of a vehicle and storing a part of this kinetic energy.
Some KERS transform this kinetic energy in electeical energy, and others KERS keeps the kinetic energy in a flywheels.
In our case, we use a flywheels for store this energy.
How works Easy-KERS?

Easy-Kers has two parts, one of them, is the Pedal set, and the other one…

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