SolidWorks MyCADTools: ToleranceTable

Below is a quick 8  minute video showing the “ToleranceTable” tool in MyCadTools.

Here is the video

The Back Story: One of our SolidWorks Application Engineers was doing a demo for a company completely new to SolidWorks software, and one of the first questions was, “how does SolidWorks account for the thickness added by coatings?”. That became the perfect opportunity to show them the ToleranceTable tool in MyCADTools.

The ToleranceTable tool makes it SO EASY to add thickness to your parts in the Drawing environment, and the results are pushed back to your Part environment. More importantly, it creates a table within your drawing that shows the added dimensions, complete with added datums to the referenced dimensions.

MyCADTools is a suite of tools, utilities, and functions that is included with each subscription which installs directly within SolidWorks.

You can request a free 30-day trial subscription to by going to the link below.

Request Trial Login


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