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Interesting post with information on thw DraftSight PDF Import Tool.

Michael Lord

Last week on the SOLIDWORKS Tech Blog there was an interesting post on a PDF Import Add-In for DraftSight.  My use of DraftSight is reasonable limited these days.  With our main use of DraftSight being for nesting dxf exported out of SOLIDWORKS.  Yes,  we still export dxf (and manually nest) for importing into our CAM program – Enroute.   This looks to be the case until I can find an acceptable Add-In to SOLIDWORKS which can not only do the job properly but can be made to talk to our CNC.  SWOOD looks to be close to our requirements (but that’s a whole other story for another time)     dxfI also still produce “Floor Plans” for Marketing.    People still like Floor Plans, so I’m told!Floor PlanAlthough we do receive drawings in pdf I don’t ever recall having the desperate “need” to have a pdf made into a editable…

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Structural And Fluid Simulation For Oil & Gas Products Using SolidWorks Software

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The design of oil and gas products presents many unique challenges. The first step for designers and engineers is to understand how an oil well works and how it is composed..

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SOLIDWORKS 2016 Beta Arriving Soon!!

Great post on the upcoming SolidWorks 2016 BETA release.

Boxer's CAD CAM Blog

Each new release of SOLIDWORKS is preceded by a beta program. The idea is to allow users to try the new functionality, and lets SOLIDWORKS gather the feedback before the release is finalized. DS SOLIDWORKS is gearing up for releasing SOLIDWORKS 2016 Beta (will be launched in late June 2015).


You are under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) during the Beta period. You cannot share any information about the prototype SOLIDWORKS products during this period.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 includes hundreds of new user-driven enhancements that will help you:

  • Design – Focus on your design, not the software
  • Validate – Solve complex problems faster and easier
  • Collaborate – Streamline your parallel design processes
  • Build – Fast-track your designs to manufacturing

But “Why one should Participate”??

The Beta Program is your opportunity to influence the quality, performance, and usability of SOLIDWORKS products. The R&D and management teams want to hear from you, and they are…

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FIRST Robotics Teams Can Apply For A SolidWorks Sponsorship Starting Today For The 2015-2016 Season


The SolidWorks EDU team opens the FIRST Robotics 2015-2016 sponsorship today.

Many FIRST Robotics teams have summer camps, summer activities and summer learning sessions.

FIRST Robotics teams can apply for a SolidWorks sponsorship at http://www.solidworks.com/FIRST for the upcoming season.

Click on the link to apply for FIRST team sponsorship.

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