Calling All Houston Area Designers, Startups, Incubators And Maker Spaces


The SolidWorks Community team and MLC CAD Systems are pleased to announce The SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs Program.

The SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs Program will partner innovative designers, incubators and maker spaces in the Houston area with MLC CAD Systems, the local SolidWorks training, technical support, and license provider in Houston.

Sponsorship Application Requirements

  1. Application (submitted in English only)
  2. Three references
  3. A business plan or pitch deck
  4. Less than $1M in funding for individual entrepreneurs and annual revenue
  5. Be headquartered in US, Canada, or European Union
  6. Incorporated/LLC with tax ID number
  7. New product producing company or incubator/maker space supporting product producing companies
  8. $200 application fee

90% of all proceeds are given to the Rwandan Girls Scholarship Program

Application Process

  1. Applications reviewed in 7-10 business days of submittal.
  2. Entrepreneur/incubator/maker space contacted by DS SolidWorks to review sponsorship requirements
  3. Sponsorship agreement signed and SolidWorks software provided to MLC CAD Systems – Houston for new entrepreneur customer.
  4. SolidWorks software valid for one year.

Important Dates

  1. Thursday, July 23 – Day 1 of the SolidWorks Entrepreneur Program, check out the website to begin |

Contact your Houston SolidWorks Account Manager with questions:
Sean Strande
(713) 682-7490 ext.1009