Houston SolidWorks Flow Simulation Lunch, Q&A, and Happy Hour

Join MLC CAD Systems and SolidWorks software as we showcase how design and manufacturing are solving their most challenging fluid flow and thermal design problems.

Our SolidWorks design simulation experts will present best practices in:

  • CFD Flow Simulation 
  • Design Validation 
  • Case studies in valve, lighting, electronics, oil and gas, life sciences, automotive, and sports technology.

RSVP now to attend our SolidWorks Flow Simulation event in Houston, Texas.

Registration and Lunch:                    Presentation:                     Drinks, Q&A and Networking:
12:00pm – 1:00pm                             1:00pm – 3:30pm              3:30pm – 4:30pm

Date: Thursday, November 20th
Time: 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Venue: The Houstonian Hotel 
Organizer: MLC CAD Systems
Phone: (800) 364-1652
Presented by:
Ramesh Lakshmipathy
SOLIDWORKS, Territory Technical Senior Manager
Dana Parrish
SOLIDWORKS, Senior Solutions Sales Manager
Philip Morrow,
MLC CAD Systems, Applications Expert

SolidWorks Houston Hands-On Tech Event (11/7/14)

MLC-Cad-Systems-LOGOAttend Our Upcoming SolidWorks Hands-On Test Drive If You’re …

    • Interested in making the jump from 2D CAD to 3D
    • Looking to change jobs and want to check out SolidWorks
    • Only using CAM software in-house, and looking to add CAD
    • Using another 3D CAD in-house, but interested in swapping out for SolidWorks
    • Working as a consultant and interested in adding SolidWorks to your service offering
    • Company has been acquired by a company using SolidWorks or will acquire a company with SolidWorks
    • Currently using SolidWorks, but interested in checkout other SolidWorks solutions like Electrical, Simulation, Data Management

Objectives of Session:
This session is geared toward those who are interested in getting hands on with SolidWorks software. During our two hour event our instructor will:

    • Familiarize you with the design controls and interface of SolidWorks
    • Help you design a single part in SolidWorks
    • Instruct you on how to mate that part to create an assembly
    • Walk you through creating a shop drawing with a bill of materials (BOM)

We’ll also have time to cover your specific concerns as well, so bring your questions!

Please feel free to reach out to me at seans@mlc-cad.com after you’re registered with any specific issues you would like me to cover and I will do my best to address them in this session.

Use The Link Below to Register:


What to Bring:
We will have workstations set up. All you will need is something to write on and something to write with if you’re interested in taking notes. You can also bring PDF’s of drawings if you’re interested in having us take a look Also, questions! Bring them! No previous CAD experience needed.

When: Friday, November 7, 2014, 9:00 AM-11:00 AM
Where: MLC CAD Systems – Houston SolidWorks Training Center
10777 NW Freeway, Suite 101
Houston, TX 77092

MLC CAD Systems Presents: First look – SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (Friday 3/7/14 – Houston TX)

Join MLC CAD Systems – Houston for our upcoming First look – SolidWorks Enterprise PDM event – Friday, March 3rd from 9AM – 11AM.

SolidWorks product data management (PDM) solutions help you get your design data under control and substantially improve the way your teams manage and collaborate on product development.

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM enables your teams to:

  • Securely store and index design data for fast retrieval.
  • Eliminate concerns about version control and data loss.
  • Share and collaborate on designs with people inside and outside the organization in multiple locations.
  • Create an electronic workflow to formalize, manage, and optimize development, document approval, and engineering change processes.

Featured Solutions

Friday, March 3rd 2014 (9AM – 11AM)

10777 NW Freeway #175, Houston, TX 77092

To register, please send an email to: seans@mlc-cad.com

Bernard Charles on “The Future of Designing in SolidWorks”

Having been President and CEO of Dassault Systèmes (parent company of SolidWorks) since September of 1995, Bernard Charlès has seen better than most how much the 3D software—and software in general—landscape has changed in the last twenty years.

Read More: http://solidsmack.com/cad-design-news/dassault-systemes-ceo-bernard-charles-future-designing-solidworks-solidworks-world-2014/

Via Simon of SolidSmack.com

Inside a Beating Silicon Heart

Dassault Systèmes, a French design and simulation software company, had created a complete, three-dimensional view of the electrical impulses and muscle-fiber contractions that enable the human heart to perform its magic.

If it were a model of his own heart, Guccione would have seen it racing. “This is something doctors have been trying to get to since before the 1900s,” he said. The advent of technologies like magnetic resonance imaging and echocardiography, he said, have been a “dream come true” for measuring abnormal motion in a patient’s heart. But by modeling a beating heart in 3-D, the hope is that one day doctors will be able to diagnose and treat patients based on the unique forces at work within each patient and even rehearse open-heart surgery on an individual before opening up his chest.

Read More: http://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2014/01/06/inside-a-beating-silicon-heart/

SolidWorks + Oculus VR join forces to create trade show demo for pressure vessel company

Jay Fuller works for Wessels Co., a company near Indianapolis that makes pressure vessels. Those are enormous containers, up to 12 feet across, that cost thousands to buy and might be used as part of a drinking-water or water-heating system.

“We do a couple large industry trade shows a year, which involves shipping out some of our very large, very heavy tanks back and forth between convention halls,” Fuller said. “As you can imagine, that can get pretty expensive. So I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we could bring around a virtual-reality warehouse demo showcasing some of our larger tank models to some of these shows?’

“Because we model all of our tanks in 3-D using SolidWorks (a modeling software program), it was a relatively painless process of converting them into meshes suitable for the Unity game engine (a popular video-game-development toolkit that works with the Rift). We’re planning to premiere the finished demo at our biggest trade show, the AHR Expo (in New York) this coming January.”

Source: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/business/2013/11/04/goggles-inspire-scientists-gamers.html