Drawingless or Paperless On The Shop Floor?

Drawingless talks about presentation style: 3D, not 2D; Paperless specifies communication media: digital, not paper-based. They are related, but totally different.

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Just In Time For The Holidays: The Snowflake Machine

The Snowflake Machine uses random numbers, mathematical algorithms, computer code, and SCIENCE to create well over a billion unique and beautiful snowflakes.

What can I make with the Snowflake Machine?

  • Quickly generate 3D-printable snowflakes using a random number seed
  • Create snowflake decorations or ornaments of whatever size you like
  • Create giant snowflakes with lots of detailed design steps
  • Create micro-flakes, if you have an ultra-fine nozzle!

Read More: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1159436

Calling All Houston Area Designers, Startups, Incubators And Maker Spaces


The SolidWorks Community team and MLC CAD Systems are pleased to announce The SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs Program.

The SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs Program will partner innovative designers, incubators and maker spaces in the Houston area with MLC CAD Systems, the local SolidWorks training, technical support, and license provider in Houston.

Sponsorship Application Requirements

  1. Application (submitted in English only)
  2. Three references
  3. A business plan or pitch deck
  4. Less than $1M in funding for individual entrepreneurs and annual revenue
  5. Be headquartered in US, Canada, or European Union
  6. Incorporated/LLC with tax ID number
  7. New product producing company or incubator/maker space supporting product producing companies
  8. $200 application fee

90% of all proceeds are given to the Rwandan Girls Scholarship Program

Application Process

  1. Applications reviewed in 7-10 business days of submittal.
  2. Entrepreneur/incubator/maker space contacted by DS SolidWorks to review sponsorship requirements
  3. Sponsorship agreement signed and SolidWorks software provided to MLC CAD Systems – Houston for new entrepreneur customer.
  4. SolidWorks software valid for one year.

Important Dates

  1. Thursday, July 23 – Day 1 of the SolidWorks Entrepreneur Program, check out the website to begin | solidworks.com/SW_EntrepreneurProgram

Contact your Houston SolidWorks Account Manager with questions:
Sean Strande
(713) 682-7490 ext.1009

Live Stream SolidWorks World 2015 Day 1 General Session

SolidWorks World 2015 – Day 1

Monday, February 9th – 9:30 am CST – The Next Industrial Revolution: Pushing 3D Printing into New Frontiers

Bre Pettis Chief Innovation Officer, Bold Machines & Former CEO, MakerBot Industries

A leader in the DIY movement, Bre Pettis led MakerBot as CEO from its beginning in 2009. Now, as creator of Bold Machines — The Innovation Workshop at Stratasys — he’s pushing 3D printing into striking new directions. Pettis has a long history of making things and inspiring others to make things.

Prior to co-founding MakerBot, Pettis co-founded the Brooklyn hacker collective NYC Resistor, where MakerBot technology was first concocted, tested and proven. He was also an art teacher in the Seattle Public School system. In 2012, Pettis was honored with the Disruptive Innovation Award from the Tribeca Film Festival, for “creating an entire ecosystem for desktop 3D printing.”

Register here: http://www.solidworks.com/sww/live-streaming-day-one.htm

8th annual TraceParts Design Competition

Design Contest

Challenge: Draw a place or monument in 3D that best represents your country, using CAD or image editing software.

How to Enter: draw a place or monument in 3D that best represents their country, using CAD or image editing software.

How to Win: All the entries will be published on www.traceparts.com, and the best design will be revealed on Dec. 24, 2014. Participation in this competition is anonymous, and the winner will be contacted by the TraceParts team to be awarded the prize for 2014.

Read More: http://www.traceparts.com/news-and-events/2014-press-releases/pr18112014/?utm_source=TP-banner-home&utm_medium=Self-Recruitment&utm_campaign=PR18112014&utm_content=EN

Texas Student 3D Prints a Laser Engraving Machine for Under $50

Electrical engineering student from LeTourneus University, named Tyler Alford, has taken 3D printing to a whole new level.

Alford, who currently works in an university lab building and maintaining 3D Printers, has already printed and constructed aRepRapPro Huxley, a Rostock Mini Pro, and a homebrew cartesian similar to theTaz 4.

Instead of 3D printing another 3D printer, a technology he obviously already had more than enough access to, Alford decided that he needed a laser engraver. Rather than running out to a store, or searching online to buy one, he decided that he’d try and 3D print one.

Read More: http://3dprint.com/27678/3d-printed-laser-engraver/

Inside a Beating Silicon Heart

Dassault Systèmes, a French design and simulation software company, had created a complete, three-dimensional view of the electrical impulses and muscle-fiber contractions that enable the human heart to perform its magic.

If it were a model of his own heart, Guccione would have seen it racing. “This is something doctors have been trying to get to since before the 1900s,” he said. The advent of technologies like magnetic resonance imaging and echocardiography, he said, have been a “dream come true” for measuring abnormal motion in a patient’s heart. But by modeling a beating heart in 3-D, the hope is that one day doctors will be able to diagnose and treat patients based on the unique forces at work within each patient and even rehearse open-heart surgery on an individual before opening up his chest.

Read More: http://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2014/01/06/inside-a-beating-silicon-heart/